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Convenience for You

We take the inconvenience out of getting your car serviced. While we work on your BMW, Mini Cooper, or Mercedes Benz, you can choose to stay in our comfortable waiting room complete with a TV and Wifi, and away from the “gas station” smells and sounds. We also have an area for your kids to keep them happy while you wait. If waiting around isn’t for you, we’ll loan you one of our cars while we work on yours, or one of our staff will drive you where you need to go and pick you up when your vehicle is ready. With a 75% retention rate, we think our customers are pretty happy with our services.

We put your mind at ease while we’re servicing your car. Each member of our tech team is equipped with a tablet so we can send you up-to-the-minute updates about the repair of your vehicle, complete with photos. We’ll also keep your information on file and send automatic notifications to you when it’s time for the next tune-up or oil change.

We strive to take the inconvenience out of the process. To save you time, we even take payments over the phone.